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Discount Due Diligence Products

In addition to bankruptcy certificates, you also have access to credit reports, tax transcripts, AVM appraisals, and more! Start Fresh Today’s partnership with MFI Credit Solutions gives you the products you need, saving you time and money.

With Start Fresh Today, you don’t need to deal with several vendors for bankruptcy certificates, credit reports, and document storage.

Due Diligence Price List

1 Bureau – $8.17 Individual | $16.34 Joint
2 Bureaus – $16.50 Individual | $33 Joint
3 Bureaus – $28 Individual | $35 Joint

Bankruptcy Pro Tech Fee                               $ 5.00 per Report

Tax Transcripts – $12 per person, per form ($8 for each additional year)

AVM Appraisals – $21 per appraisal
Social Security Verification – $9 per person
Verification of Employment (VOE) -$35 per person, per employer (Work Number with History) or $45.00 per person, per employer (Work Number with Income and History)

Save Time and Money: Integration with BankruptcyPRO® and MFI

Bankruptcy attorneys can now get more for less with our new fully-integrated suite of bankruptcy certificates and due diligence products with BankruptcyPRO®!

Whether you’re already using BankruptcyPRO® or considering making a change, consider this:

  • All-in-one solution to working smarter and saving more
  • Credit Counseling and Debtor Education
  • Quickly populates into Schedules D, E, and F
  • Savings of up to 45% off*

Once you’re approved to receive credit reports from MFI Credit Solutions, you’ll also have access to a variety of other due diligence products including tax transcripts, lien searches, AVM appraisals, and more.

Find out how Start Fresh Today can help you save time and money. To get started:

Call 1-888-214-7773

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