28 Sep 2018

It has been reported that companies that blog get 55% more website visitors. Even better, blogging also results in 88% more leads than companies that don’t. So how does that sound to you – getting 88% more leads and potential clients each month? Whether you run a small bankruptcy practice or a large firm, chances are you are constantly seeking to help new clients in financial distress.

As you know, along with the bankruptcy process comes many legal complexities that most consumers are not familiar with. As a bankruptcy attorney you have the answers, so what better way to earn people’s trust and build thought leadership than to answer their frequently asked questions through the World Wide Web. The perfect platform? Your website’s blog.

Building Your Bankruptcy Practice through Your Blog

Your blog allows you to showcase your bankruptcy expertise and make a clear distinction between your firm and the competition. This is an opportunity to earn people’s trust who are searching Google for terms like “<insert your city name> bankruptcy attorney” or any number of bankruptcy related questions to find YOU! A recent poll revealed that blogs affect 71% of respondents purchasing decisions. So what can you do? Simply answer their questions.

How to Create a Content Marketing Machine

What am I supposed to blog about? Finding content to blog about is easier than you think. As a matter of fact, you’re surrounded by potential blog articles. Frequently asked questions can be answered in detailed posts. Hold brainstorming sessions with your staff to get everyone involved in content development – you’ll find that there is no shortage of topics to blog about. Also set up a Google Alert on bankruptcy news so current event topics are emailed directly to your inbox.

So now that you’re publishing great, useful content on your bankruptcy blog how do you convert them into clients? Include calls-to-action in each blog post to generate leads. For example, let’s say you write a post called “What to Bring to Your Initial Bankruptcy Consultation,” to help generate leads you would include a lead form to request a free consultation to capture their contact information. It’s as simple as that. Not only are you now generating leads but you’re increasing the chances of converting them into clients by answering their questions before you’ve even met!

Trust us, it works. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen a 26% increase in our traffic from our blogging efforts over last year. As a leading provider of Credit Counseling and Debtor Education for over a decade, our mission has been to serve bankruptcy attorneys and their clients and our blog is just another platform on which we can do just that.

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