The new year is a time to start over with a blank slate. It’s an ideal
time to rid yourself of negativity and give yourself a fresh new outlook on life.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do with debt hanging over your head. In fact, waking up to find yourself in deep—and ever increasing—debt can make it hard to focus on much of anything.

Fortunately, there is a way out of debt, even when it is deep and seemingly endless. Although it will likely be a journey, there are plenty of others who have traveled the same road to help you out along the way. Best of all, the freedom from debt found at the end of the road is well worth all of your hard work.

The first step on your journey to debt-free living is to ditch the credit cards. Don’t toss them out entirely until they are paid off, but do freeze them in a large block of ice, hand them over to a trustworthy family member to keep out of your reach, or hide them from yourself in a place that is very inconvenient to get to. This will keep you from using them without a lot of thought first.

Here are three reasons why you simply must stop using your credit cards.

#1: They are Designed to Keep You in Debt

Credit card companies want you to be in debt. They literally thrive off of your debt, and when you manage to work your way out of debt, they miss out on the incredible amount of interest you had been paying up until that point.

For this reason, these companies actually set things up so that a person making the minimum payment and continuing to use the card each month would literally never work their way out of debt. Even a person with a relatively small debt of around $4.000 would need around 15 years to pay off that debt when paying only the minimum amount.

#2: Using Them Will Only Make Your Situation Worse

Clearly, because of the debt carousel the credit card companies have put you on, continuing to use your credit cards absolutely will not help matters. In fact, using your cards, even if you are gaining some sort of reward for doing so, will without a doubt make your debt situation worse.

#3: Having Them Around is Too Tempting

Carrying a credit card in your wallet, especially when you are accustomed to using the cards for anything and everything, is like carrying a bit of temptation in your pocket at all times. Resisting the urge to use the card when you come across an item you’d really like to have takes an incredible amount of willpower, and if you find yourself unable to resist, you only set yourself back further.

For this reason, it is much better to get that card out of your hands and focus on having fun without spending money.


We hope this post has inspired you to give yourself a new financial beginning this new year. By working your way out of debt and remaining that way, you give your family and yourself the priceless gift of freedom.

If you find your financial situation is too overwhelming to work out on your own, we hope you will consider speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Start Fresh Today also offers Credit Counseling and Debtor Education online or by phone.

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